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      WE ACCEPT MEDICAID PATIENTS (Medicaid pays for Chiropractic, up to age 21)


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                                         3315 W. Craig Rd Suite 105                                                                                    North Las Vegas 89032
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2015 North Las Vegas Chiropractic winner of the Patients' Choice Awards in North Las Vegas, NV

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 We support numerous charities serving Military Service                                         Members & their families
  -  $3165 donated to date (last updated Dec 2018)

  - Special offer for active / retired Military Service Members
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                                  QUALITY, AFFORDABLE SPINAL CARE

Chiropractic Plus Natural Health & Wellness in North Las Vegas, NV provides help to those suffering with injuries, or chronic pain. If you are interested in trying this approach to wellness, let one of our knowledgeable practitioners at our facility tell you more. We want you to overcome the pain you have been suffering with.

We treat patients, with medical conditions, such as neck pain, back pain, sports injuries, headaches, car accident injuries, shoulder pain, sciatica, numbness, joint pain, foot pain, heel spurs and many other conditions. Plus, our adjustments may help you reduce stress. Visit us, at our modern facility in North Las Vegas, NV to take advantage, of these benefits. When you arrive, you will see patients are our priority.

Nutritional therapy plays a strong role in our practice. Patients with problems, such as pre-diabetes / diabetes, high blood pressure, or chronic fatigue, may find our approach very beneficial.

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Not sure Chiropractic is the right choice? Call to schedule a no-charge consultation.
We'll let you know, if our therapeutic approach may help. We'll also tell you, if another health practitioner can better serve your needs. Your well being always comes first!

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